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This class has changed the view of writing in my eyes. Not only did this class change the view, but it also made me appreciate writing more. I really think that prior to this class I took writing for granted. I saw the act of writing as more of a chore. Now I see it as more of an experience that can do a lot of good for a student. Not only did this class help me see writing in new ways, but it also allowed me to get things that were burdening me over the course of the semester. I think all students especially right now during a global pandemic needed an outlet.

This pandemic was an unprecedented challenge for everybody this whole year. Especially for educators and students. We had to figure out ways to connect with our teachers while still staying distant from one another. I think this class really did that well. Us students were talking to each other on a weekly basis whether it be through the WAG’s or discussion boards. This really helped to know that other students were facing these challenges as well.

The actual class was challenging yet interesting. Not only were we learning about how different writing machines were developed over the years, but we were also learning about rhetoric through these writing machines. Throughout the course, we got to see how different forms of writing were invented. Seeing how they were invented definitely changed my attitude towards writing. Like I said in the first paragraph, it made me see writing as a privilege and not an assignment. I think that this class has changed my identity as a writer. Prior to Writing Machines, I was writing about the topic assigned with a careless attitude. Now that I have taken this class, I think about my experience while I am writing and try to include some of that in the actual assignment itself.

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